shades of brown ~ ✋🏽🪵🪱🍁🍂🤎

hello all,

it’s been a while since I’ve done a more written post but I am here ~ breathing, moving, gently taking in all the changes of autumn ~ fungi season has arrived in all of its extravagance and splendour ~ and yet somehow I am most drawn to the shades of the leaf mold on the forest floor ~ the ochres, tawny, chocolatey tones and the perfectly camouflaged mushroom caps within it ~

brown is easy to overlook amongst all of the vibrant reds, golden yellows and oranges in autumn ~ and yet to me, somehow brown is one of the most enchanting ~ it represents the earth (or mati in bangla) ~ it is my skin, the land and so much more ~ it represents that what is held within the soil is what sustains us and that life itself is only transient 🌀~

fungi, our decomposers and our kin, break us down + all other once-living matter so that we might literally constitute future life on earth ~ in other words, fungi are the elemental re-organisers ~ without their ability to break things down, to move and cycle nutrients around care webs in the soil, it is not an overstatement to say that we would not exist ~

these thoughts and photos are a little accompanying post for a piece of artwork that I made for @ratzine1~ it’ll be launched on 13th oct at @icalondon ! ~ come along to get a copy of this beautiful zine, ft. many v talented artists 🤎🤎

take care all,
m x